Car Tracker Installation

A vehicle tracker, also known as a GPS tracking device or car tracker, is a device that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to track and monitor the location, movement, and other parameters of your vehicle in real-time. The team at Autoden are able to discreetly install one within your car so it can provide valuable information directly to you.

Here at Autoden, we recognise the importance of our clients’ safety and a car tracker ensures that this is carried out. In the unfortunate event of car theft, a GPS device on your car increases the chances of being able to recover your stolen vehicle. By tracking the real-time location of the car, law enforcement authorities can be quickly alerted, enhancing the chances of a successful recovery.

On top of this, they are able to alert you in case of unauthorised vehicle movement or tampering. This early notification allows you to take prompt action, such as contacting the authorities or implementing additional security measures. With the installation of a vehicle tracker with us at Autoden, you can feel safe in the knowledge that vehicle theft or tampering is no longer a primary concern, as we can provide you with 24-hour monitoring access to your car. The peace of mind that the GPS provides is valuable and is as important to us as it is to you.

In addition to increased security, insurance companies offer reduced premiums for cars equipped with tracking devices. Due to the minimalised risk of theft, insurance companies may consider this benefit and provide you with discounted insurance rates.

Not only do vehicle trackers provide data on the exact whereabouts of your vehicle, it can also detect the speed at which the vehicle is traveling, along with details on acceleration, deceleration, and sudden manoeuvres. This information can be useful for tracking driver behaviour and identifying any unauthorised use of the vehicle.

Overall, a vehicle tracker offers you increased security, theft recovery, monitoring of driving behaviour and tampering, lower insurance costs and peace of mind. These benefits make a vehicle tracker with Autoden a valuable investment for any car owner.

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